Our Story

They say "A good man is hard to find"... so is good hair. Especially when you're looking for quality. It all started out with a woman on a quest to find quality hair. She found extensions that she loved, and set out on a mission to share them with everyone. GlamBoda was born.


GlamBoda offers superior raw hair extensions. Our hair cannot be compared because it comes straight from the source countries where it originated. Each strand is carefully collected from the donor so that all cuticles remain intact. This ensures longevity, and un-matchable luster.


We understand that hair prices are continuously rising, and quality hair is hard to find. Due to the high demand of hair extensions, some companies are using fibers/fillers to keep up with demand. Our hair is all natural with no fibers or fillers added.  Each bundle is hand-picked to ensure our quality remains high. The bundles may vary slightly. There's no such thing as two people with the same hair texture/color. We match the bundles in-house before shipping. This creates an undeniable blend for our customers further enhancing their installs.



Our mission is to provide the BEST extensions with unique textures and patterns where our clients can achieve your hair goals. Our extensions go through a stringent quality assurance process to ensure our customer's get the best. We provide quality our customers can rely on. We stand behind our extensions, and the bodacious women who wear them. We understand that superb quality and service are important to our customers. Our service team members are experienced in supporting our customers through the process, and afterwards! Our customer's trust is important to us, and we will continue to provide them with superior quality and support they deserve.



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